Holodance is a collaborative multiplayer Virtual Reality music game for the HTC Vive that is currently being developed by narayana games. We went into Early Access on Steam on April 5th, 2016 and are aiming for a full release in about 2-3 months. After the version for the HTC Vive is completed, we'll focus on porting to Oculus Rift + Touch and PlayStation VR and aim to be a fully polished and extensively played launch title on those platforms (this will be around October 2016). Holodance Episode 1: Dancing with Dragons lets you play with the music with perfectly timed instrument tracks, be it for the bassline, drums or melodies - while dancing with dragons!

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Wanna know more about Holodance?

12 Songs with Several Tracks Each

The standard version of Holodance will come with 12 songs in the electronic / techno / dancehall style. However, most likely over time there will be other musical styles added (if you're an artist and want to have your music on Holodance: contact us!) Each song has several tracks, like a bassdrum, the hihat, a bassline or some synth playing a melody. As these tracks have different rhythms and complexities, there's a natural progression of difficulty within each song. Once you have touched a minimum of notes per track, the next more difficult track within the song becomes available. Once you have all tracks of a song completed, the next song becomes available which will be longer and more difficult.

How to Touch those Notes

There's different ways of "touching" notes that match the instrument of a given track. For percussive instruments like drums, the notes come flying towards you in the form of orbs that you just need to touch with the right timing. Notes for softer instruments as well as very fast instruments will come as paths that you need to follow with just the right pace. Finally, there will also be stationary orbs that you can tap in any sequence - you just need to get the rhythm right.

Collaborative Multiplayer

Holodance has a collaborative multiplayer mode where you can play songs together with friends or strangers (who will then become friends). The score is added up, so the more people you have in a session, the more maximum score is available. There will be at least up to four players per session.

So when will you shut up so I can give you my money?

If you don't mind playing an Early Access title that is not completely finished, yet, and if you do have an HTC Vive - go right ahead and:

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Holodance is currently being developed full-time by Jashan Chittesh (game-design, coding, music production) and Samuel Hajek (concept art, modeling, animation). We also have more artists like Finn MK (musician), Efe Tozan (musician), Roy van Dorn (set-design), Anne Stokes (concept art for the blue mother of all dragons) and Gary Haus (modeling) helping on a project basis. Be sure to register your email or register on the site, join the discussion in our forum and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and join our group on Vimeo to follow this project's progress.

We can't wait to holodance with you!