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PlayStation 4 Development Kit arrived!!!

Oct 23 2015

Today at 6pm, just before I left the office (to handle some errands), our PlayStation 4 development kit arrived! That's rather awesome news because this means we can now become familiar with the platform and start doing first performance tests on the PlayStation 4! We cannot fully port the game to the PlayStation 4, yet, because we don't have a PlayStation VR development kit, yet (fka Project Morpheus) ... but that's in the works already, and we're hoping to have one by the end of November.

Unfortunately, still no word from Valve / HTC regarding the HTC Vive development kit. That's really frustrating because we need the precise and fast tracking for fine-tuning Holodance gameplay mechanics in room-scale VR. For building a gameplay prototype, Oculus DK2 + Razer Hydra was okay - but since the Razer Hydra tracking is really off almost all the time (even with calibration), you always need to watch where your hands are in VR while playing. You can't rely on your hands in VR being at the same location as your real hands in physical space. And for a game like Holodance, that's a real problem.

But one step at a time ... if all else fails we'll get the consumer version as fast as possible and do final tests and gameplay polishing with that.

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